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Medical cannabis products are reported to help with a wide range of problems in your day-to-day life. Customers often report that the right strain of cannabis can help with pain-related symptoms, mental health struggles and other ailments. However, it's important to buy cannabis you can trust. That's why you should make Streamside Remedies your go-to cannabis store in West Gardiner, ME.
We grow all our own medical cannabis products, ensuring both their quality and safety for consumption. If you need help getting medical cannabis for your needs, then call 207-203-0155 today.

We sell a variety of cannabis products

Not only do we sell homegrown strains of cannabis flower, but you can also buy a variety of other medical cannabis products from us. We sell vapes, glass, concentrates, oils, edibles, and virtually anything else that has to do with cannabis. We also provide veteran discounts as a thank-you for your service.

If you're in need of relief, then make a stop at our cannabis store.

Learn more about our homegrown strains

Our medical cannabis products are homegrown and diverse, allowing us to address a variety of needs. We carry:

Indica cannabis products, for relaxation

Sativa cannabis products, for energy

Hybrid strain cannabis products, for mixing and matching effects

Choose the strain of product that best suits you when you drop by our cannabis store today.