Streamside Remedies is the first medical cannabis retail store in West Gardiner, located just off I-95 exit 102 N and 103 S and I-295 Exit 51 a half mile from the Maine service plaza. Its prime location makes it convenient for Maine people traveling through or locals to stop in and check out our incredible products, affordable prices, and our friendly service.

As a husband and wife team, we want everyone who enters our store to feel like family.

We are committed to providing the highest quality flower and other cannabis products to our local supporters and beyond.

It all started in our basement. We grew for our own personal use for several years until with lots of persuasion from friends and family, we decided to become caregivers. We wanted to share with others the many benefits of using cannabis. Through many trials, tribulations, and a ton of research, we are convinced we have the best flower around.

We have a passion for people. We enjoy talking with different people and learning about their; needs, experiences, and educating them on how cannabis and which of its many strains or products would be most beneficial for them.