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Did you know that not all cannabis is the same? There are three prominent strains from which all others grow. These three strains - Indica, Sativa, and hybrid - can have different effects depending on the smoker and the quality of the flower.

To get the most out of your experience, you'll need high-quality cannabis you can trust. That's when you should turn to Streamside Remedies in West Gardiner, ME for your marijuana needs.

We sell Indica cannabis products, Sativa cannabis products, and hybrid strain cannabis products, each of which is homegrown. By growing our own cannabis, we ensure quality, purity, and cleanliness. We make sure to follow safety precautions while growing and work hard to ensure each flower develops as it should.

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What effects do these strains have?

It's important to know why people buy various cannabis strains. While the exact effects will vary from person to person, these are the reasons we most commonly hear from our customers in regards to each strain:

Indica Cannabis Products:

For relaxation, calming, sleep, pain management and insomnia

Sativa Cannabis Products:

For energy, low anxiety and weight gain

Hybrid Strain Cannabis Products:

For different mixtures of the above effects

Experiment with your favorite strains to see what they can do for you when you visit our store today.